Automox CEO Speaks on the Critical Need for Automated Patching


ast week’s events shined a spotlight on an issue that is severe enough to keep IT and security teams up at night, yet is rarely discussed as a key security initiative; the need to patch operating systems and software on a timely and consistent basis.

Patch management is a mission critical security function, and there is not a single person in the IT/Security space who would tell you otherwise. Both IT Managers and their customers would prefer to be fully patched and compliant with all common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE’s).

But the challenge remains of HOW to actually patch and maintain compliance for all systems and software - all of the time. Having your IT team drop everything to pull long hours catching up on a task they should have done long ago is bad for not just your security posture, but potentially your customers as well. There is a better way.

I believe that corporations have an obligation to their employees and their customers to operate as secure an infrastructure as possible. Simply put, not taking the simple step of patching is akin to negligence, and it is only a matter of time until employees and customers start holding companies accountable.

Automated patch remediation is available and the need has never been more acute.  When an attack like Wanna Cry is able to infect more than 380,000 systems when a patch has been available for two months is unacceptable. This is a security risk that shouldn’t have existed.

Every customer on our platform was patched and protected from the Wanna Cry attack not because they could see the future, but adopted a policy of being fully patched 100% of the time.

I am hopeful that patching will move from a reactive “once and awhile” security exercise to a daily background operation that is automated, trusted, and effective. It’s why we built Automox. We believe that being 100% patched and compliant regardless of operating system or software should be a requirement. Our goal is to make an enterprise-grade patching platform available to companies of every size - and we are well on our way.

To a better patching experience,

Jay Prassl


About Automox

Facing growing threats and a rapidly expanding attack surface, understaffed and alert-fatigued organizations need more efficient ways to eliminate their exposure to vulnerabilities. Automox is a modern cyber hygiene platform that closes the aperture of attack by more than 80% with just half the effort of traditional solutions.

Cloud-native and globally available, Automox enforces OS & third-party patch management, security configurations, and custom scripting across Windows, Mac, and Linux from a single intuitive console. IT and SecOps can quickly gain control and share visibility of on-prem, remote and virtual endpoints without the need to deploy costly infrastructure.

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