Get to Know the Automox Team: Drew Madison, VP of Sales

A member of the Automox team almost since the beginning, Vice President of Sales Drew Madison has helped evangelize the Automox platform to the majority of our customers. Beyond reaching out to prospects and scheduling demonstrations of the platform, Drew strives to understand what their business pain is so he can detail how Automox can help ameliorate that pain.

Drew understands the ins and outs of the Automox product and has learned how to effectively build meaningful relationships with customers so that he can educate them about the importance of cybersecurity and the benefits of utilizing Automox.

In this week’s Get to Know the Automox Team blog post, Drew explores his role as VP of Sales, discusses his thoughts on the cybersecurity space and details how understanding our customers’ pain points, wants and needs allows Automox to build meaningful relationships and deliver value through automated patch management.

The Growing Importance of Cybersecurity

As more laptops, workstations, data centers and computing systems come online, the attack surface will only continue to swell in size. Consequently, as the threat landscape grows, the cybersecurity industry is only going to increase in importance alongside it, and that’s one of the aspects of working in cybersecurity that Drew really loves.

Whether your organization is the size of Marriott or you’re a small business, Drew says that every size company is at risk. For a lot of companies, one breach could put the company out of business. And if you’re not patched, you’re vulnerable to the threats that are out there.

There are so many threats and known vulnerabilities out there today that Drew believes every organization needs to have a handle on how well their environment is protected in order to avoid making headlines for being breached. As the industry evolves, Drew is convinced the best thing an organization can do to ensure the security of their IT infrastructure going forward is to develop an understanding of what their IT infrastructure is. How many devices do they have? Are they aware of devices in terms of age, operating system, etc.? Do they understand all of the different software on their machines as well as some of the vulnerabilities and threats that are out there?

The Value that Automox Delivers

Drew trusts that by using Automox, companies are provided the opportunity to develop that understanding. According to Drew, the Automox platform offers companies a great way to help take control of their cybersecurity hygiene and remain safe from ever-evolving cyber threats.

“By using a product like Automox, we actually give you that ability. You may not be up to speed on the latest version of Java, but by going into the Automox dashboard, you can quickly see if it requires any action on your part to make sure that you’re staying ahead of the curve.”

Machines must be patched, and companies cannot allow security to be on the end-user. As the industry continues its evolution, businesses will continue to become increasingly flexible, allowing employees to work from anywhere they can connect to the internet, and this remote workforce needs rules and policies in place in order to remain protected from the ever-evolving threat landscape.

As more organizations move to the cloud, they’re beginning to see the value in modern patch management platforms like Automox. According to Drew, they don’t need to manage any additional hardware, they can quickly and easily understand what their environment looks like and how compliant they are.

“If they need to do something, they can do it on the fly — it’s not just scheduling policies. They can really take control of their cybersecurity hygiene using a product like Automox. Automox actually allows you to take notice, patch it and prevent it — and that’s really important.”

Due to the grave importance of patch management, there’s no reason not to patch your devices. This is people’s livelihood, organization’s livelihood, so it’s incredibly important.

“If you’re a small business and you don’t have time to patch or if you’re doing it manually, you can easily implement a product like Automox to make sure that you’re not going to be the next headline in the news or you’re not going to worry about somebody taking over your business.”

So, whether your organization has five endpoints or tens of thousands of endpoints, Automox is a cloud-based solution that scales and grows with you, according to Drew.

Understanding Customers’ Business Pain

Whether a small- to medium-sized business (SMB) or a large enterprise, everyone is beginning to understand the threat that’s out there when it comes to cybersecurity. But Drew and the rest of the Automox sales team need to understand customers’ pain points in order to explain how Automox can alleviate that pain.

Because many SMBs may not have the time or the skillset to effectively manage all of their system and software patches, they’re probably doing it manually or not patching at all, and that’s a significant problem. The National Small Business Association found that 42 percent of SMBs have fallen victim to a cybersecurity attack, and the average cost of those attacks is more than $7,000 unless a bank account is hacked, in which case the average cost climbs to more than $32,000 per incident.

On the other hand, larger enterprises have different needs, and they oftentimes have more folks on the team who are involved in the project than SMBs do. Large enterprises might have patch windows. They may need certain features like role-based access control (RBAC), security assertion markup language (SAML) and the ability to give certain employees different controls where they can see different things within the platform.

If you’re a large organization with thousands of devices, Drew has learned that you’re likely going to have different reporting needs than somebody at an SMB, and that you’re also probably going to have more unique cases.

“We work with companies that have a lot of different unique cases, but ultimately it’s around the fundamentals of cyber hygiene. I work to understand what their pain points are, what they’re looking for, and then I show them how they can do that quickly and easily using our tool.”

When somebody signs up for a trial or has questions about the platform, Drew immediately hops on the phone with them to discuss their use case. Are they looking at Windows, Mac and Linux? Is it a subset, maybe two of the three? Do they only care about third party patching? For Drew and the rest of the sales team, it’s really about understanding their use case — maybe they have an audit coming up, maybe they want to make sure that they are PCI compliant — it’s about educating each other.

“We need to understand what their environment is like so that we can educate them on best practices because we have many customers, we’ve been doing this for a couple of years and we know what works. We want to see people set up for success.”

To that end, Automox has a features board, and we listen to our customers. Instead of keeping everything under wraps, we have a public-facing product roadmap, and anyone can come to the website and understand the direction the company is going.

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