Automox Unveils Global Partner Program, Appoints Russell Eddleman as VP of Channel


ew Program Addresses Customer Demand for Cloud-Native Patching Solution that Hardens Endpoints at Scale

Originally posted on BusinessWire.

Boulder, Colorado – July 21, 2020 – Automox, the modern cloud-native endpoint and workload management platform provider, today unveiled the Automox Partner Program and announced the appointment of Russell Eddleman as VP of Channel. The new partner program is designed to meet the increased demand for the Automox platform, which helps customers proactively reduce their endpoint attack surface by up to 80% and addresses alert fatigue challenges caused by unpatched and misconfigured systems.

According to the Automox Cyber Hygiene Report, nearly 60% of data breaches in the past two years can be traced back to a missing operating system patch or application patch. Despite this threat, fewer than half of all enterprises can meet the best practice standard of hardening vulnerable systems within 72 hours of vulnerability notification. The patching dilemma is being amplified as more organizations support increasingly remote workforces. On-premise solutions are incapable of handling enterprise-wide patching and configuration. Only cloud-native solutions can deliver cyber hygiene and patch management at scale to secure remote workers and ensure that endpoints are up to date and protected.

By providing partner enablement incentives and enablement resources to support value-added resellers (VARs), Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Technology Alliances and OEM partners, Automox is creating a complete ecosystem to deliver a cloud-native cyber hygiene solution across market segments from small-to-medium-sized businesses to large, corporate enterprises.

“Patching and system configuration is one of the most persistent security problems every organization faces. The partner community knows there is a significant gap in the marketplace for a cloud-native solution that automates the enforcement of endpoint hardening for remote workforces,” said Russell Eddleman, VP of Channel. Automox. “This is why I joined Automox. We’re creating a world-class partner ecosystem to help move the industry away from static, on-premise solutions that struggle to scale and leave companies at risk. This will help maximize partner revenue opportunities by providing access to the cyber-hygiene platform their customers have been asking for.”

Key elements of the Automox Partner Program include:

● Multi-tiered reseller program with compelling margins for deal registration and new sales.
● Significant margins for renewals so resellers can create sustainable revenue streams from their customer base.
● A comprehensive new partner portal to support selling Automox solutions.
● Dedicated Managed Service Provider program that includes flexible, consumption-based monthly billing for the MSP-ready, multi-tenant Automox Manage platform.
● Extensible API and dedicated engineering support for both Technology Alliances and OEMs.

Prior to joining Automox, Eddleman served as Global Vice President, Partner & Alliances at Resolve Systems. Previously, he served as Vice President and head of OEM & Alliance strategies for Ivanti.

“Russ brings a unique perspective and understanding of the limitations of on-premise patching solutions and knows that the partner community is clamoring for programs that can provide rich margins and sustainable business they can build within their offerings,” said Jay Prassl, CEO of Automox. “Russ has demonstrated the ability to create tremendous value for partners and customers alike everywhere he’s been. We’re excited to have him on board.”

For more information, please visit or contact Automox directly at

About Automox

Automox is the cloud-native endpoint management platform that empowers organizations to reduce their exploitable attack surface by eliminating the vulnerabilities that adversaries target most. Delivered as a modern cloud service with cross-platform support, Automox improves cyber resiliency through foundational system hardening by automating the enforcement of critical patches, software updates, security configurations and custom scripting across diverse endpoint environments. Automox enables both IT and SecOps teams to better anticipate and respond to threats by dramatically reducing the time and effort it takes to harden their endpoints - whether they are on-prem, in the cloud or on the move.

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